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Action Plans

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Action Planning

As a Town Council, we aim to implement positive change by developing community led action plans that further define and deliver our strategy which will:

  • Focus behaviour
  • Build an understanding of costs and benefits
  • Provide a basis for community conversations that need to take place to ensure our strategy is community led.
  • Drive urgent action
  • Open pathways for opportunities
  • Taking a ‘whole-place’ approach
  • Commit the Council to doing as much as we can at a local level to move forward with a wide range of Carbon Neutral 2030 initiatives.

To encourage biodiversity the Council will through it’s Planning Committee, Biodiversity Policy, Climate Change Strategy, Neighbourhood Plan and Joint Parking and Movement Study:

  • Encourage Walking and Cycling
  • Encourage Biodiversity in public spaces
  • Encourage Biodiversity in private gardens
  • Facilitate Tree Planting
  • Encourage and promote Plastic Clever Penrith
  • Facilitate  Recycling and Reusing

The Council is committed to incorporate the ‘Climate Emergency’ theme and/or considerations into as many in-house projects and Council operations as possible. The Council has selected a contractor to provide a comprehensive report across the Council’s activities. This will provide qualitative measures of the impact of Council activities, and overall aggregate measures of the total impact and will recommend climate mitigation measures. The work is due to be completed by the end of 2020.

As the action plans are community led and driven we will engage with the community and organise events which will address and consider the Climate Emergency, sustainable living, encouragement of restoring biodiversity and adapting to climate change as a large town in a rural county.

We will also support local businesses to review and adapt their operations to reduce their carbon footprint by 2030.

However there are some areas of concern that are not under the remit of the Town Council: What are we doing about building, planning, traffic congestion, air pollution, green spaces, sustainable development electric vehicle charging points, development and improvement to footways and cycle paths?

We are working in partnership with Eden District Council and Cumbria County Council on a long-term project to deliver a comprehensive parking and movement study that will provide research and recommendations for improved traffic flow, charging points, greener transport options, car parking, air pollution mitigation and improving the pedestrian and cycling experience.

We have developed a Neighbourhood Plan that provides approved policies with a golden thread of sustainability running throughout that addresses all of these issues. Our policies influence the Council’s responses to planning applications which are submitted to the Local Planning Authority, Eden District Council and ensure that all planning comments to are consistent with a shift to net-zero carbon by 2030

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