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Plastic Clever Penrith

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Plastic Clever Penrith

Civic, business and community organisations within Penrith have come together to help develop a “Plastic Clever” strategy for Penrith to help reduce our dependence on disposable single-use plastic.

“Plastic Clever Penrith” is a coordinated local response to the growing realisation about the extent of damage we are doing to land and oceans though plastic pollution.

In order to help the businesses and residents of Penrith try to reduce their use of disposable single-use plastic, initial benchmarking data was collated by volunteers conducting a simple survey within local businesses. This information will enable us to develop projects which will help local business and  residents reduce their use of disposable single use plastic.

Partner organisations involved in the project include  Cumbria County Council, Eden District Council, PACT, Penrith Chamber of Trade, Cumbria Action for Sustainability and Penrith Business Improvement District.

We were delighted when news of this project was shared by the National Association of Local Councils in their article for the Society of Local Councils Clerks magazine, The Clerk in January 2020.

Use this link to read the article – this will transfer you to the magazine

Get Involved and make a pledge

People across Cumbria have been finding ways to cut down on single-use plastic, and you can join them by making your own pledges to avoid plastic waste.

There are 14 pledges to choose from and you can make up your own as well, so no matter what your situation you’re sure to find some actions you can take.

By filling in the Pledge Form from PACT , you will be taking action to use less plastic yourself, but you’ll also be adding your voice. It all helps to show businesses and organisations in Cumbria that their customers would love them to offer alternatives to plastic. So, you’ll be helping to reduce plastic across Cumbria even more.

Take the Plege plunge!

Open the online form to see all the pledges. Simply tick the actions you plan to take, fill in a few other details and click Submit.

Use this underlined link to open the form to make a pledge

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