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Dialogue – Your Ideas

a drawing of 3 people stood next to eachother

Dialogue – Your Ideas

The Town Council wants to work together with the local community in Penrith to find the right solutions to specific problems and/or identify ways to improve the town and make a difference!

To this end we have set up a new easy to use online Dialogue ‘tool that offers a platform for a) setting challenges, b) outlining ideas and opinons c) commenting on ideas suggested by others and/or d) growing new ideas from previous ideas/suggestions.

Overall Objectives

  • To engage and involve the community in issues that matter to them
  • To spark interest, wider community participation and local interaction
  • To provide a discussion platform for local people to work together with the Town Council to make a  difference in the town
  • To find out what people think and add new ideas/local views to the development of priorities and delivery work

Anyone can look at ideas and comments, but to really get involved in a challenge a profile is needed. You’ll need to access the Town Councils Dialogue website and read our ‘Terms of Use’. Then head over to ‘Register’ and create an account. You can edit your profile and change your password at any time by clicking on your username at the top of the page. This will also show you a list of the ideas and comments you’ve submitted.

Find out more 

Use this link to open our Dialogue

To register with Dialogue use this link


Use this link to open the Moderation Policy

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