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Youth Advisory Panel

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Penrith Town Council Youth Advisory Panel

The Town Council is engaging with young people aged between 14-25 living in or close to Penrith, to facilitate, support and empower them to have a voice and influence the things that matter to them.

Recognising that young people are the future of the town but may face significant challenges and barriers, Penrith Town Council has set up a ‘Youth Advisory Panel to represent the views of young people in the Town.

The Youth Panel will enable young people in different age groups to advise the Town Council on issues that affect or concern them. Councillors will then be able to reach a better understanding of the needs, hopes and aspirations of younger generations. The hope is to bring about greater benefits to the Council’s decision-making.

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Our 4 Key Principles

  1. We are genuine in our aim to engage with young people in Penrith.
  2. We want young people to feel valued, able to express concerns and ideas and influence the Town Council’s decision-making processes.
  3. Elected Town Councillors will facilitate and support the Panel, while making sure young people are ‘in control.’
  4. We will listen to what young people say and address issues and concerns raised whenever it’s possible to do so


The Town Council will liase with any youth groups and community organisations in Penrith that provide youth services and may want to deal with issues identified by the Youth Advisory Panel.

Whenever possible, we will also liaise with Cumbria’s Youth Parliament representatives and Youth Councils covering Penrith, including:

  • Eden Youth Council (EYC) (a forum for young people to discuss Eden wide issues),
  • Ullswater Community College Student Council
  • Queen Elizabeth Grammar School (QEGS)

Town Council Support

Community Engagement Officer, Anna Malina is working directly with the panel to develop direction. And 3 town councillors will discuss any outcomes of actions and provide support when needed. The supporting Councillors will act as liaison between young people and the Town Council.

Young people over 18 are already young adults themselves. However, they still face significant challenges, barriers and issues. Our engagement process will be cognisant of the different age groups and the differing needs of diverse young people in Penrith.

Youth Advisory Panel Survey

Analysis of the survey carried out to explore young people’s views on Penrith  (described below) has illustrated what young people feel about Penrith and what they would like to see happen.

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Outcomes of the Youth Advisory Panel Survey

The Panel worked in partnership with Penrith Leisure Centre and Cumbria County Council, and included questions in the survey to provide information for them. Findings have been shared with them to help them assess the way forward for the Leisure Centre.

Discussion has been delayed because of COVID-19, however, information will be shared with the Arts & Culture Group to inform them on youth views on Penrith prior to COVID.

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