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The Ghost of Lowther – The Gardens Strikes Back

The Ghost of Lowther – The Gardens Strikes Back

Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th October 2019

Roll up, roll up, get your heart attack here.

Just when you thought it was safe to go about your October half-term business in peace and quiet – and then out of the gloaming come attack-ghosts in the form of characters such as The Headless Gardener, The Axeman and The Knocker. The Ghosts of Lowther – the hottest, ghostliest, spookiest, most defibrillating ticket in the whole of the Cumbrian Hallowe’en spook-calendar – are back, this time with twigs, thorns, sound effects and unlimited spectralness.

 And remember, the later the slot you pick, the less likely you are to make it home.

 Please note: gates open at 5.00pm. There will be street food and entertainments. All visitors are welcome to arrive at any point but the walks are timed. Younger visitors are better to book earlier tickets. Brought to Lowther by Highly Suspect who were behind last year’s triumphant Lowther spooktacular.