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6th May 2015 12:49 pm


Please Note that the AGM of Penrith Allotment Association will be held on Monday 20 February from 7pm – 9pm in the Evergreen Hall, Penrith

Ownership of the allotments sites in Penrith transferred to Penrith Town Council from Eden District Council in July 2016.

The allotments are brilliantly managed and run by the Penrith Allotment Association who are continuing to do this on behalf of Penrith Town Council.  The Association handles all enquiries, manages vacancies and maintains a waiting list for all the allotment sites.

Allotment Plots

The Town Council has approximately 200 allotment plots across four sites in Penrith as follows:

Salkeld Road – 30 Plots
James Street – 14 Plots
Folly Lane – 43 Plots
Brackenber Close 69 full size plots, some divided in half PLUS 38 separate hen runs

Penrith Allotment Association

 If you are interested in having an allotment you need to contact Penrith Allotment Association who will add your name to a short waiting list.  They have their own Facebook page to inspire you.  Contact details for the Association are:

Secretary – Mrs Jean Hind (Telephone 01768 864088)
President – Mr Stan Hind
Chairman – Mr Nick Bellas (Telephone 01768 866434)


The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul.