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Mayors Medal & Awards

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The Mayor’s Medal 

The Mayor’s Medal is presented to persons who have, in the opinion of the serving
Mayor, made important and significant contributions to Penrith.

The medals may be awarded for activities such as bravery, long-service and  outstanding  contributions to the community.

It is anticipated that, other than in exceptional circumstances, the number of Mayor’s
Medals presented during a Mayor’s term of office will be limited to four.

Sitting Councillors and serving employees of the Council are not eligible for this

Penrith Town Council Awards

Awards are given out to recognise volunteering and citizenship in the community.

  • The Ulswater Community College Awards
  • Outgoing Mayor’s Award
  • The Citizen Award

The Ullswater Community College Award

Every year the Town Council sponsors two prizes at the Ullswater Community College Prize day, one for a student in the lower school and one for a student in the upper school who have made an outstanding contribution to the community of Penrith.

Outgoing Mayors Award

Each year the outgoing Mayor will receive a medal from the Town Council in gratitude of the dedication and service to the Council and community of Penrith. A councillor may only receive one medal.

The Citizen Award

This award is given to people who have made a positive difference to the lives and well-being of people and quality of life in Penrith, who have supported charitable or voluntary work in the town, who have volunteered for the Town Council, or who have demonstrated outstanding citizenship. The awards are decided by the people of Penrith and is awarded based upon the number of nominations received and the reasons for the nominations.

Nominations forms are available from the Town Council office. The  award is open throughout the year.

You will need to provide full details of why you are making the nomination giving comprehensive reasons why you consider that the person being nominated has enriched the lives of the residents. Each nomination will be considered on its own merits.

The award is a certificate bearing the name of the individual/s or organisation and an award of £150.00 to go towards future projects.

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