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Queens Platinum Jubilee

Penrith Town Council is delighted to announce that Penrith will be celebrating the Queens Platinum Jubilee in June.

On 2 June at 9:45pm the Town Council will be joining other towns and villages across the country by lighting three flame beacons within Penrith. They have been specially commissioned nationally by the Pagentmaster and form part of the national celebrations for the Jubilee.

The Council will light a beacon at St Andrew’s, continuing the tradition where similar torches were lit to mark previous coronation and jubilee celebrations. Beacons will also be lit at Fair Hill and in one other special location.

Prior to the beacons being lit, and in line with the national requirement, at St Andrew’s a piper will play at 9.35pm followed by a bugle call at 9.40pm. Nationally all the beacon flames will be lit at 9.45pm. At St Andrews this will also be accompanied by a joint choir of Penrith Singers and Eden Singers who will be performing the specially written Song for the Commonwealth.

We have collaborated with community groups and businesses and hope you can join us on Saturday 4 June for inclusive free family activities and events in the town centre. More information about this event will be coming shortly.