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Terms of Use

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This Calendar of Events is intended for use by community event organisers who are making a positive contribution to the Penrith Community.

All announcements of events are subject to the approval of our designated Calendar Administrators. Our main objective is to support events that add to the vibrancy and enjoyment of the community and the quality of life for everyone who lives or works in, or visits our town. However, Penrith Town Council reserves the right to refuse any submission at our discretion.

Event Submission Requirements

  • Events must be submitted via the online event submission form. Fields with an asterisk (*) are required so they must not be omitted.
  • Ensure your event in being held in Penrith.
  • Prior to submitting a calendar request, you should ensure that the times associated with the event are correct.
  • Event listings should include title, date/time, location, sponsor, description and contact information. A website link for additional information is encouraged.
  • Please do not use bad language or swearing.
  • Sentence case is preferred so please do not use CAPITAL LETTERS.
  • Check for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Try to make sure the event description motivates people to come to your event.
  • Obtain full permission before publishing another person’s contact information.
  • Attach at least one image or logo to have your event approved.
  • Unfortunately posters can’t be accepted.

Please allow up to four working days for your event to appear on the Calendar

Events That May Not Be Approved

  • Events that lack required information.
  • Events submitted less than 5 business days before the event date.

Penrith Town Council Regulation and Authority

Penrith Town Council will determine what listings appear on the Calendar of Events. Event submissions are considered on a case-by-case basis, and the approval process can take up to three business days. The Council may edit some event listing information, to ensure style and consistency.

The Council reserves the right to delete and/or edit event listings if they do not meet appropriate criteria, violate the law, or compromise the Council’s policies and procedures.

Event Updates and Cancellations

Update or cancellation requests from event organizers will be considered and then managed in a timely manner – within 24 hours, whenever possible. However, exceptions such as staff holidays and weekends may cause some delay.


Email for questions/information regarding the calendar.


We will not knowingly approve the use of the Calendar of Events to support the activities of any groups or agencies who may intentionally or unintentionally serve to undermine any of the above.

The Calendar of Events is provided as a public service. The content of the Calendar of events posting is the responsibility of the submitter. Penrith Town Council accepts no responsibility for the information contained in any message approved for posting in the Events Calendar, or any damage caused by the posting of incorrect or inappropriate information.

We reserve the right to edit messages for grammar and clarity, and we reserve the right to refuse any message in our discretion.