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Penrith Town Council makes the following information available:


Penrith Town Council publishes this all expenditure monthly and the payment documents can be found under the Supplier Payments  under Council Finance.

Asset Register

Local authorities must maintain an asset register to ensure assets are appropriately safeguarded. Once recorded on the asset register, the value of assets must not change from year to year until disposal. Concepts of depreciation and impairment adjustments are not appropriate for local councils.

The Register is adopted by the Council at the end of each fiscal year but is a working document over the fiscal year, during which Council Officers will update and amend details as necessary.

The 2023-24 Asset Register was approved by Full Council 20 May 2024.

Use this link to open the 2023-2024 Asset Register

The Council’s business operations and assets are reviewed and insured annually to ensure that all risks are adequately covered.

Use this link to open a copy of the Council’s insurance certification

Procurement Information

Details of every invitation to tender for contracts to provide goods and/or services with a value that exceeds £5,000 can be viewed under Tenders and Contracts.

Grants to Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Organisations

Details of all grants to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations paid in the last fiscal year can be viewed using the underlined link below.

Use this link to open the 2023-24 Grants Register

Organisation Chart

The Town Council currently employs 7 members of staff.

Use this link to open a PDF copy of the Councils staff structure

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