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Green Spaces

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Grow Nature Fund launched 

The purpose of the Grow Nature Fund is to encourage and support local green projects and its value represents the approximate number of people in Penrith £15,500.

Funded projects must deliver a clear and demonstrable benefit to the natural environment.

Here are some examples:

  • Conversion or restoration of community greenspace to wildlife habitat: community orchards, ponds, wildflower meadows/verges, native hedges, street trees or woodlands
  • Environmental improvements to a community centre or village hall grounds: installation of bee bricks, bug hotels, swift boxes, nest boxes, tree planting
  • Initiatives to reduce single use plastics
  • Local wildlife training and monitoring schemes
  • Schemes to reduce invasive species, litter, noise or light pollution in the environment
  • Environmental aspects of a heritage restoration scheme
  • Initiatives to help local people to connect with their environment.
  • Activities which encourage people to grow nature and increase the public understanding and enjoyment of wildlife and heritage

Priority would be given to schemes which result in tangible examples of environmental growth, for example new habitats or an increase in the health of native wildlife.

When the fund is launched an application form will be available on this website.

Your group or organisation must be based in Penrith and must be not for profit.

Penrith Woods Project

It’s our ambition to significantly increase all forms of canopy cover throughout Penrith, whilst strengthening the protection of our existing backbone of trees, woodlands and hedges. Penrith Woods is an ambitious tree planting project with the principle aim of fighting climate change.

The project would start at Thacka Beck, a large area of land which has been transferred to the Town Council from Cumbria County Council in 2020. It is already a unique green space in the Town that runs behind Penrith Hospital, which is highly valued by its surrounding communities. This vast open green space would be enhanced for community use and planted with trees to combat climate change.

Our Penrith Woods tree planting project would  extend to Fairhill and other green spaces that the Town Council owns.

Value our Green Open Spaces

The Town Council has developed a draft Neighbourhood Plan and Objective 3 purpose is:

To protect green spaces that have been identified as important to both wellbeing and the local community.

Below is a bulleted list recording the areas that are designated as local green spaces and are to be protected from inappropriate development:

  • Land between Brentfield Way and Meadowcroft
  • Folly Lane Allotments
  • St Andrew’s Churchyard
  • Beacon Hill
  • Open area top of Croft Terrace
  • Pinfold Wood
  • St Catherine’s Churchyard
  • Christchurch Churchyard
  • Penrith Cemetery
  • Salkeld Road Allotments
  • Coronation Gardens
  • Nichol Hill Nature Reserve
  • Thacka Beck Nature Reserve
  • Brunswick Square Gardens
  • James Street Allotments
  • Castletown/Musgrave St/Brackenber Allotments
  • Informal Recreation area between Musgrave St Allotments/Newton Road
  • Wetheriggs Country Park
  • Thacka Glen
  • Pategill Back Field
  • Open space to south of Eden Housing Association (EHA)
  • Open space to the north of EHA
  • Open space to the north of Greengarth
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