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Climate Strategy

In May 2019, Penrith Town Council (the Council) declared a Climate and Ecological
Emergency. In March 2020, the Council adopted the Climate Action Strategy outlining our
ambition to set Penrith on its journey to carbon neutrality.

Penrith Town Council has refreshed its approach to the Climate and Ecological Emergency with the adoption of a new Climate Strategy for 2024/25.

This Strategy sets out the Council’s strategic objectives relating to Climate Change along with a deliverable action plan.

The Council is committed to transforming Penrith into a cleaner and greener town which it believes it can achieve through playing a community leadership role on climate change
issues. The strategic objectives of this Climate Strategy have been developed with this in

Read the renewed Climate Strategy using the link below:

For a shorter read, the Climate Strategy’s deliverable action plan can be accessed using the link below: