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Water Refill Scheme

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What is the refill scheme?

Use this link as a shortcut to the Refill website

Refill is a national scheme, started by City to Sea in Bristol. The scheme encourages people to think about plastic packaging and their usage.

The aim is to reduce demand for single-use plastic bottles , which will reduce litter, and stop discarded plastic getting into our rivers, lakes and oceans.

Penrith Town Council is a member of the Refill Scheme.

How do I get a free refill?

Just go into any premises that has the Refill point sign, and ask! or download the Refill app from the App Store or Google Play.

World Refill Day 16 June 2023

On June the 16th,  individuals, businesses and governments around the world will be encopuraged to join the refill revolution and say goodbye to single-use plastic for good.

Use this underlined link to find out more about World Refill Day

What’s the problem with plastic bottles?

We use 13 billion plastic bottles every year in the UK.

That’s causing a few problems:

  1. A lot of plastic bottles end up as litter, and many make their way into the oceans. They break up into smaller and smaller fragments and marine creatures eat them. Now, one in every four fish has plastic in its flesh, so we’re eating plastic, too. About a third of all the plastic in the ocean is plastic bottles.
  2. Nearly half of the plastic bottles we use don’t get recycled. Five and a half billion of them end up in landfill, as litter, or incinerated. Some plastic bottles, especially coloured ones, aren’t easy to recycle. We don’t have the ability or capacity in the UK to recycle all the plastic we use.
  3. Making all these plastic bottles uses a lot of energy, contributing to climate change. It takes 162g of oil and seven litres of water to make a one-litre disposable PET bottle, which amounts to the release of 100g of carbon dioxide (CO2), a major greenhouse gas*.

Could your premises be a Refill point?

Penrith Action for Community Transition runs the Refill Project in Penrith.

Use this link as a short cut to the PACT website to join the Penrith Refill Scheme

or use the underlined email shortcut to contact PACT:

or phone 01768 88266

PACT will  take down a few contact details and then a PACT volunteer will drop in and give you a sign for your window.

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