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Penrith Mayor

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Councillor Doug Lawson is Chair of Penrith Town Council and was re-elected the forth Mayor of Penrith on 20 May 2024.

The many engagements undertaken by the Mayor act as a link between the various groups and organisations in the Town.

The Mayor can share the views and concerns of the community with the Council and can take the Council’s message out into the community working towards achieving the Council’s social, educational and economic priorities.

The role of Mayor is distinct from that of Councillor and the Mayor acts in a non-political manner when carrying out the civic role.

The Deputy Mayor, Councillor Danny Smith will attend functions when the Mayor is unable to do so. The Council’s Civic Protocol governs the Mayors duties and responsibilities.

If you would like to talk to the Mayor  please contact us and we will arrange an appointment as your views are important and face-to-face ‘conversations’ like this will help to inform the Council and enhance effectiveness.

You can contact the Deputy Town Clerk on 01768 899 773

Use this underlined link to email the Deputy Town Clerk:

Alternatively use the Mayoral Engagement Booking form below to contact the Council Office if you would like to invite the Mayor to a function or event.

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