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CLOSED – Regulation 16 Consultation

a drawing of a house

The final draft of the Penrith Neighbourhood Development Plan (PNDP) was submitted to Eden District Council at the end of 2019.  Due to Covid-19 it has not been able to progress with the consultation until now.

The Regulation 16 Consultation is carried out by Eden District Council who will consult on the content of the Neighbourhood Development Plan for 6 weeks from Wednesday 23rd September until Wednesday 4th November. The plan has been developed from three previous public consultations taking into account the comments made by residents and businesses.

Our Plan includes policies relating to sustainable design, the town’s conservation areas, housing, local green spaces, sport, leisure and recreation facilities, traffic management and town centre improvements amongst others. Eden District Council is consulting residents, local landowners, businesses and community groups – those who contributed to our initial consultation and helped shaped the policies included.

You can view the Penrith Neighbourhood Development Plan and all the associated documents on Eden District Council’s website at   where you will also find a link to an online response form. You can also find the draft Neighbourhood Development Plan, split into downloadable chunks on our website at  with all the important background information at

Please find attached a summary of the comments to the Regulation 16 Consultation and the responses to the comments