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Draft Neighbourhood Plan Documentation

a drawing of a house

Below you can find the revised Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan which has been submitted to Eden District Council so that they can carry out the Regulation 16 Consultation.  Following the previous consultation, the Neighbourhood Plan Group considered all the comments and amendments have been made.  The PNDP was approved unanimously  by Council on 23rd September 2019 with the re-insertion of a number of green spaces and sports, leisure and recreation facilities which the public felt were important to the town.

After listening to comments made during the previous consultation, we have split the document up so you can just access the section that you are interested in. If all you want to look at are the draft policies go to Section 6 below – All policies

Complete Neighbourhood Development Plan Document


Section 1 – Introduction and Background
Section 2 – Penrith: A Historic Town
Section 3 – Key Issues for Penrith Today
Section 4 – Planning Policy Context
Section 5 – Penrith NDP Vision and Objectives
Section 6 – Neighbourhood Plan Policies

All policies

Each Objective has a link. click to view the policies contained within each objective.

Introduction and Objective 1 – Sustainable Development
Policy 1 – Sustainable Development in Penrith
Policy 2 – Environmentally Sustainable Design
Policy 3 – Energy Use and Reducing Carbon Emissions
Policy 4 –  Accessibility and Social Inclusion
Policy 5 – Conservation Areas in Penrith
Objective 2 – Housing
Policy 6 – High Quality New Homes
Policy 7 – Housing Type and Mix
Objective 3 – Greenspaces
Policy 8 – Identifying and Protecting Local Green Spaces
Objective 4 – Culture and Leisure
Policy 9 – Protecting and Enhancing Sport, Leisure and Recreation Facilities
Objective 5 – Wellbeing
Policy 10 –  Protecting and Enhancing Health and Community Facilities
Policy 11 – Walking and Cycling
Objective 6 – Town Centre Car Parking
Supporting Town Council Actions – Vehicle Parking
Objective 7 – Traffic Management
Policy 12 – Traffic Management
Objective 8 – Penrith Town Centre
Policy 13 – Penrith Town Centre Improvements
Policy 14 – Shopfront Design

Section 7 –

Next Steps

I            Penrith: A Historic Town
II          Future Growth Areas
III        Social Housing Waiting List
IV         Social Housing Applicants By Type of Household
V          Housing Stock and Occupancy: Penrith (2011)
VI        Rental Costs
VII      Median Property Price by Ward
VIII  Penrith Green Spaces
IX        Leisure and Recreation
X          Cultural Facilities
XI        Car Parking
XII        Public Transport Information
XIII      Fellrunner Services
XIV    Service and Retail Offering in Penrith Town Centre

Map A      Policies Map 
Map A    Anchor Farm Close Up
Map A    Bowscar Close Up
Map B      Rights of Way: Footpaths, Cycleways and Bridlepaths
Map C      Parking in Penrith
Map D    Penrith Shops and Services
Map E      Penrith – Retail North
Map F    Penrith – Retail South